Awestas Creation
 Wuiii i love the new pics of Kareena =) She looks so beautiful =) I made 8 Avatars and 2 Sigs of this photoshooting =) And i post 1 Abhiwarya Sig,1Sig of Vidya and a sig of Monrose a popstarsband =)

6 Oktober Heyy Sweetys now i have holidays and i think i can make more creations Sooo the new creations for today is 6 Avas of Aish,1 of SRk,3 of Hirithik and 4 of KKHH,1 Sig of Amrita
6 heroes avas and 8 avas of sonam =) And some avas of roya and a sig of her she is a popstar canditat thas a serie from germany i love her Enjoy!

 28 September. I saw some days ago Thoda Pyarr Thoda Magic.The Film is so sweet! I made 84 Avas of the Film I hope u will like it.. And 9 Avas of Amrita,2 of Preity Zinta,1 of Deepika and 1 of Kareena Check it out














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